Field Trial Results, February 6,2016

Dachshund Club of Santa Ana Valley, Inc.
Field Trial Results, February 6, 2016
Total Starters – 56

OAAD Stake – 15 Entries/Starters
Judges: Linda Castaneda & Haley Priest

1st: “Sam” – Ch. Culdach’s Magique Noir V Fleming; Owners: Evelyn Bickar & Dick Cortes
2nd: “Tail’R” – Mountainwoods Personal Tail’R, Owners: Luanne & Dennis Duus
3rd: “Moses” – Ch. Kotate Hills Down Town Brown v Edelweiss SW, JE CGC; Owners: Patricia A. & Gerald W. Price
4th: “Torch” – GCh. DachsFyr’s One That Carries The Flame SW: Owner: Sybyl Swan
NBQ: “Chaney” – GCh. Just A Lil’ Phantom Of The Opera MW; Owners: Pat & Curtis Montgomery and Justine ESpinoza

OAAB Stake – 26 Entries/Starters
Judges: Sybyl Swan & Dale Carnathan

1st: “Purple” – Ch. Kinderteckel’s Serendipity 3; Owners: Kristin Cihos-Williams, Emi Williams & Sage Williams
2nd: “Muddy” – Gasse’s Legacy; Owner: Veronica Quinn
3rd: “Diva” – Honey’s Diva Of Kotate Hills RN; Owners: Patricia A. & Gerald W. Price
4th: “Silver” – Ch. Kinderteckel’s Mists Of Avalon; Owner: Gayle Bell
NBQ: “Duchess” – Rare Treat’s I Won’t Back Down; Owners: Haley, Michael & Douglas Priest

Combined FC Stake – 15 Entries/Starters
Judges: Sharon Carr & Akira Requa

1st: “Chug” – GCh. DCh. Storybook Engine That Could; Owners: Maggie Craig & Tim Durland
2nd: “Fritz “ – DCh. Alpine’s New Era For Dexmore ; Owners: P. McMillan and Anne & Dale Carnathan
3rd: “Melody” – FCh. Lorindol You Are The One SS: Owners: Janene Oswald & Jerrilyn Smith
4th: “Annie” – FCh. Roserun’s Unforgettable CGC, Haley & Michael Priest, owners
NBQ: “Barnabas” – FCh. Barnabas Of Kotate Hills SW OF NAJ SE, Owners: Patricia A. & Gerald W. Price

BOAA & Absolute Judges: – Sharon Carr & Akira Requa
BOAA: “Purple” – Ch. Kinderteckel’s Serendipity 3

Absolute: “Chug” – GCh. DCh. Storybook Engine That Coud


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