Field Trial Results, January 2, 2016

Dachshund Club of Santa Ana Valley, Inc.
Field Trial Results, January 2, 2016
Total Starters – 59

OAAD Stake – 17 Entries/Starters
Judges: Tim Durland & Maggie Craig

1st: “Tanner” – Ch. Domino’s Depth of Winter ML ME, Owner: M. Keshlear
2nd: “Breaker” – Darshan Heartbreaker SS, Owner: Kristi Nielsen
3rd: “Dreamer” – Bonnfel’s Spirit Dream Unites Us; Owners: Carolyn & Keith Menges
4th: “Sam: – Ch. Culdach’s Magique Noir V Fleming; Owners: Evelyn Bickar & Dick Cortes
NBQ: “Teddy” – Ch. Bold River’s Triumph On Rodeo Drive MW; Owner: Kathy Gelein
OAAB Stake – 26 Entries/Starters
Judges: Sue Rucker & Janet Hicks

1st: “Danica” – Ch. Harmony Run Bold-N-Brassy MW RA; Owner: Karen Schwindt
2nd: “Rosie” – Watkin’s Rosebud; Owner: Alison Breidenstein
3rd: “Hope” – Aldox Color My World; Owners: Alice Lentz, Dale Rigtrup, Juliet Rigtrup
4th: “Sydney” – Ch. Just A Lil’ Moulin Rouge MW; Owners: Justine Espinoza & Janice McCarthy
NBQ: “Shelby” – Just A Lil’ My Fair Lady MS; Owners: Patricia & Curtis Montgomery
Combined FC Stake – 16 Entries/Starters
Judges: Susan Goodman & Dale Rigtrup
1st: “Annie” – FCh. Roserun’s Unforgettable CGC, Haley & Michael Priest, owners
2nd: “Rebel “ – GCh. DC. Rivercliff’s Rebel Without A Cause MW; Owner: Nancy Kast
3rd: “Tiffany” – DC. Just A Lil’ Breakfast At Tiffany’s MW: Owners: Nancy Kast, Justine Espinoza & Janice McCarthy
4th: “Duke” – DC. Duque’s Lights Out Merriman RN ME CGC, Haley, Michael & Douglas Priest, owners
NBQ: “Wynton” – GCh. DC. Rivercliff’s Jazz Master MW, Owner: Nancy Kast

BOAA & Absolute – “Tanner” – Ch. Domino’s Depth of Winter ML ME
Judges: Susan Goodman & Dale Rigtrup